This class was immensely helpful in giving us perspective from start to finish including all the different
pain management techniques up through going home after birth. I feel much more prepared (still
terrified) now just having a little bit of background on the different paths the birthing process can go and
options for pain management. I think the information for the support partner was vital and invaluable! I
feel better knowing he took the class with me. –Jenna M.

I liked best the respect for the open-minded approach that each person will have and should have their
own experience with their own choices being made and appreciated. Amanda was informative,
obviously experienced, friendly and inclusive. – Kristina H.

I liked the enthusiasm Mandy brought to the class. It made me feel comfortable to learn and felt very
engaged. She touched on topics that I was unfamiliar with and felt were very important! –Rachel C.

I found the class to be informative but not pushy. I felt that it gave information without telling me how
my birth plan should look. –Emily Z.

Our class was absolutely amazing. Maili made us feel heard, comfortable and prepared for this next stage of life. We are so grateful for her class! There isn’t a single thing I would change!
Stacy Laine

Stacy Laine

Maili was an amazing instructor she answered all of our questions and concerns with ease, kindness, and from a non-biased research based stand point. All information covered in the class has been directly or indirectly utilized in our daily lives with our newborn and we are so thankful for all the hard work and input given from Maili. We would recommend her and these courses to anyone and everyone! – Taran and Justin Paul

Taran and Justin Paul

This course is exactly what we needed as first time parents! The instructor answered all our questions and presented the information in a way that was easy to understand – and even entertaining! – Erica Foreman

Erica Foreman