Not Afraid of Commitment: Full Childbirth Prep Series

In four weekly classes, we walk you through comfort measures for laboring at home versus in the hospital, pushing, inductions, labor support roles, pharmacological pain relief, hospital lingo, complications, interventions and recovery. Our instructor is a seasoned labor and delivery nurse, family educator and mom who thrives on educating families through humor, evidence-based research and relatable non-judgmental real life experiences of labor and delivery. We are here to hold your hand, virtually of course, and walk you through the intimidating process of labor and delivery from start to finish. If you aren’t afraid of commitment, this is the place for you!

All Parenthood Live classes are group classes online via Zoom.  If you are interested in a private 1:1 option, please contact us for more information at

Cost is $100 per couple.  Please use your browser to register (instead of the EventBrite app).